Patricia Engel - Cultural April 2016

"Iran to me was a place of hospitality, poetry and impressive roots in the past. Due to the fact that Shirin was our guide and her parents and friends of them were with us, we got a glimpse of the country and established personal contacts with its people.

The long trips gave us an idea of its huge size and a great appreciation of nature of the geography, geology and vegetation of Iran. The works of art we have seen at Persepolis and other places were equally impressive.

What made the deepest impression on me, however, was the striking difference between the unfriendly and menacing desert and plains and the overwhelming beauty of the gardens, the walls separating the inner and the outer environment, the contrast of the burning sun and the green shade, the dry dust and the fountains with glass-like sparkling water, stones and architecture, roses, lemon tree smells, soft movements of grain grass in the wind, the red pomegranate blossoms, the age-old olive trees and the wine.Who was able to visualise and create such beauty?"

Patricia Engel