Simone Cuozzo - Damavand Trek Aug 2014

"I wasn't sure what to expect when I flew into Tehran airport, big desert? Mud huts? Petra style ruins?  I did not expect a city supporting 14 million people with roads with LED lights along the sides of them. It was amazing. After spending a day of looking around the city and trying to get used to the heat and humidity, waiting for the rest of the group to arrive, we drove off to the base of Damavand.The next day we drove up to the base camp, 3000m, and walked up to the high camp, 4200m, spent the night there. After a day of acclimatisation and another night in a tent we summited the next day. The next 2 days were spent travelling back to Tehran, eating amazing food and looking around the city again then flying home. It was an amazing and eye opening trip, I highly recommend it."

Simone Cuozzo - Sales Manager at Ellis Brigham, UK