Ignacio Garcia Zea - Damavand Trek Aug 2014

"When I first arrived in Iran I felt a bit intimidated, even though I knew it was a perfectly safe country. Being in an Islamic country ruled by a Supreme Leader with a religious driven government and society, it made it a bit intimidating for me. But this feeling disappeared straight away as soon as I met and talked with the first Iranians, what a nice people, so welcoming, you'll be surprised! The levels of hospitality are way higher in Iran than in most of the "developed" European countries, people are always very helpful and kind. There's a lot of reasons why you should visit Iran, for me one of them was the food, absolutely delicious!! You'll eat and drink things you've never eaten before, and it's all so tasty! If you go there, try the water melons, they are outrageously sweet and delicious!! The only thing I didn't like is that the portions were huge, I don't like wasting food, but the plates where so big it was impossible to eat everything. Another reason is their massive cultural and historical heritage from the old Persian Empire, you'll visit overwhelmingly beautiful palaces and gorgeous mosques and shrines. This is something I'd like to dedicate more time on my next trip to Iran. But the best part was the climb to Damavand, even though I got altitude sickness when we were at the second camp, to get there with such a great team and stay on the mountain for a few days was an amazing experience I will never forget. So I want to say thanks Shirin for making such a great trip possible, for being such a good a team leader and for being so supportive and nice all the time."

Ignacio Garcia Zea - Outdoor Enthusiast, Climber from Spain

Damavand Trek Aug.2014