Chris Lowe - Damavand Ski 2015

"Considering the many hurdles involved for Brits to be granted access to Iran, Shirin and Persian Pursuits made this as easy as going to the post office for a stamp which was most appreciated. We successfully climbed an acclimatisation peak as well as summiting Damavand via a mix of ski touring and winter mountaineering. It was my first peak over 5000m and credit goes to the guide who was excellent at ensuring we acclimatise and adjust without risk. The ski descent was both challenging at altitude and invigorating at more alpine levels. Visiting Iran was one of the most enlightening adventures I have done. Firstly amazing to experience a different style of mountain to anything I've come across in the major ranges (think desert heat at 2000m and arctic conditions above 4000m). Secondly to visit a country that is essentially closed to the rest of the world and being able to experience such genuine hospitality and rich culture is something I will not forget. I suspect Iran will change soon, don't delay, go now whilst it remains a genuine unpolished gem."

Chris Low - Damavand Ski 2015