The Iranian embassy has commenced its visa service

British nationals need a visa to travel to Iran. The Iranian embassy in London has confirmed that it has commenced its visa service; you should apply by emailing More information is available from the embassy by calling 02079375225.


Great write up by George Cave on our Ski Expedition April 2015

"One of the great, enigmatic nations of the world, before our trip I knew nothing of the country beyond the narrow lens of occasional western media reports. Fortunately (and predictably) there is far more to this secretive Islamic Republic than a few trade embargos and nuclear talks and we had eyes on a ski descent of the country’s highest peak: Mount Damavand. A stunning snowy cone, it rises over a thousand metres above any of its neighbours with a smoking, sulphurous plume gently drifting from the volcano’s summit crater"

Harald and Simon preparing to absail on Aiguille Du plan

Harald and Simon preparing to absail on Aiguille Du plan

If you are looking for an IFMGA guide, I highly recommend my great friend and amazing guide Harald Koidl. I have done a couple of trips with Harald and climbed Mont Blanc with him last year as well as many other classics.