At 5610m, Damavand is not only Iran's; but also the Middle East's highest peak. It is also the highest volcano in Asia. It is located in the heart of the Alborz range in the north of Iran which divides the Caspian Sea from the central desert plateaus. It's iconic and perfect shape, which can be seen from Tehran on a clear day, has a great place in the heart's of Iranians and in the country's mythology and folklore.

Located 55 miles north east of Tehran and only a two hour drive away from the capital, this symbolic mountain is a dormant volcano and due to it's conical shape, can be climbed from all sides (with the North, North-East, South and West routes having shelters and refuges on route). However the easiest, and most commonly used route is the South route. This is our preferred route as it is probably the easiest and safest in terms of the actual climb, and therefore offers the highest chance of a successful and comfortable ascent and summit experience. It also has the highest and most well-equipped mountain hut in Iran at 4200m. The region offers some superb ski touring experience taking you as high as 4200m, a perfect acclimatization for the actual ski ascent of Damavand. 

Dates: 12 April - 20 April 2018

Booking closes by 14 January

Price: £1400 Land only

Group of four sharing twin accomodations - £90 single occupancy


Day 1: (Wednesday 20th April) Arrival in Tehran, sightseeing

Day 2: (Thursday, 21st April) Ski touring on Gol-e Zard near Damavand, overnight at Polour Mountaineering Federation Hut, 2200m.

Day 3: (Friday, 22nd April) Ski touring on the magnificent Dobarar, the long ridge in the background of the image above Overnight at Polour Mountaineering Federation

Day 4: (Saturday, 23rd April) Drive to snow line. Ski up to the high hut 

Day 5: (Sunday, 24th April) Ski up to the high hut. Overnight at t advanced camp 4200m

Day 6: (Monday, 25th April) Acclimatisation day. Skiing up to 4800m and back.

Day 7: (Tuesday, 26th April) Summit day. Overnight at the high hut

Day 8: (Wednesday 27th) Descent. Drive back to Tehran. Celebratory meal with traditional Iranian music.

Day 9: (Thursday 28th). departures.

Damavand Ski Kit list

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