Persian Pursuits is the first UK based company that specialises in offering trekking, climbing and skiing expeditions in Iran as well as the highly popular cultural trips. It is founded and managed by Iranian-born London-based mother of two Shirin Shabestari who grew up hiking Iran's beautiful mountains with her dad. 

Shirin personally travels with the team (as long as her family commitment allows) to supervise the expeditions as she enjoys being part of the journey and sharing her passion and love for the mountains in Iran. She is there to offer advice, support and help every step of the way, working alongside her professional team of Iranian guides and support team.


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ARTICLE: Pushing Boundaries - Women's Climbing in Iran

"Down in the city, I was a girl being treated differently. When I went to the mountains with my Dad, I felt like an equal." For Shirin Shabestari, climbing and mountaineering presented an opportunity to transcend the oppressive barriers of inner-city life whilst growing up in Tehran. Forced to cover up her body and hair in the interest of public chastity, Shirin adhered to her country's conservative dress code. In the mountains, however, she experienced a unique sense of emancipation which eluded her in the city.   


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